Resume - Toon Baeyens

Work experience

  • 2018nowPhD-researcher and teaching assistantDepartment of Applied mathematics, Computer science and Statistics - Ghent University
    • Guiding students with their bachelor's and master's thesis.
    • Developing and guiding of exercises for three Scientific Computing courses.
    • Assisting a Python-programming course for all sciences students.
    • Outreach for the mathematics program.
  • 2018Data engineer - Summer internshipKBC - Data Intelligence Services, Leuven
    • Researching how MLflow can be used within machine learning projects.
  • 2017Data scientist - Internship and student jobYazzoom - Ghent
    • Automatic pattern recognition in logging data.
  • 20152017Assisting during summer course - Student jobGhent University
    • Assisting during the summer course mathematics for first year students.
  • 20122014Frontend developer - Student jobBlue Cherry - Antwerp
    • Implementing website designs into HTML and CSS.


  • 20182023Doctor of Science: Mathematics - Algorithms for time-independent Schrödinger equationsDepartment of Applied mathematics, Computer science and Statistics - Ghent University
    • Developing accurate algorithms and efficient C++ programs for Schrödinger equations.
    • Building a user-friendly Python-interface.
  • 20162018Master of Science: Mathematics - major Applied Mathematics and Computer ScienceGhent University
  • 20132016Bachelor of Science: MathematicsGhent University



Active research projects

  • Strands: new efficient technique for solving time-independent two-dimensional Schrödinger equations accurately.Baeyens, T., & Van Daele, M.
  • Determining indices of eigenvalues of linear self-adjoint elliptic operators on bounded Lipschitz domains.Baeyens, T., Van Daele, M., & Vernaeve, H.
  • Local Lyapunov exponents, spiking and bistability in SEIR and SEIRS models for COVID-19Baeyens, T., Govaerts, W., Van Daele, M., & Vanden Bussche, C.
  • Quantifying temporal and spatial variability in light availability in agroforestry systemsCoudron, W., Baeyens, T., Lootens, P., Pardon, P., Reubens, B., Van Den Berge, S., De Frenne, P., Verheyen, K., & De Swaef, T.